Engagement Ring Box – The Biggest Proposal Mistake

Using a common engagement ring box is like framing the Mona Lisa at the Framestore

The engagement ring box is a very commonly overlooked factor in the wedding proposal thought process. Men spend so much time and effort thinking about the event, and rightfully so. This is one of those few moments that the two of you will remember forever. You’ll constantly be asked about every intimate detail of the event. If you’re not going to take the time to find the best engagement ring box possible, you may as well show up in gym shorts and a hoody. You wouldn’t do that because you want every detail to be absolutely perfect. The presentation is a very important and overlooked detail.

Diamond Basics

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when searching for that perfect piece of jewelry that she’ll wear for the rest of her life. The learning process is never ending. First you have to understand the basic elements of a diamond. You have to know the person, intimately, to gauge what factors are most important to her. Is diamond size the biggest factor? Or is it the cut? Then, of course there’s the color and clarity of the stone. And don’t forget about the diamond brilliance, fire, and polish. Fortunately, the process of choosing an engagement ring box is much simpler. If you’re reading this, that means you’re already smart enough to recognize the importance of this.

This part is easy. Choosing the best engagement ring box is not nearly as difficult as selecting the ring. There are far less factors for consideration. Actually, there’s only one really important piece. Before we dive right into it, think about this. When you walk into virtually any jewelry store on Earth, what is the one common factor you see?  Think hard about this. It’s a tough question, but becomes obvious once mentioned. It’s that every jewelry store is very bright. You’ll never see a successful jewelry salesperson selling his inventory in the dark.

Engagement Ring Box

The reason for this is very simple. Jewelry looks its best when it’s shining. And like your engagement ring box, a jewelry store can’t shine without a source of light. The more light, the more shine, and the better the product looks. All of the characteristics of a diamond (color, scintillation, refraction, etc) have to do with one thing. All describe the stone’s reaction to light. An ideal diamond will reflect in a way that optimizes its reaction to light. You can have a diamond of the highest quality, but without a proper stage its quality is wasted.

night proposal

This brings us to the point of this piece. Hopefully, you agree that a piece of jewelry is best represented when light is applied. And it’s likely that you want your ring to look its best when that moment arrives. So then the engagement ring box should have a source of light.

There’s a 72%chance that your proposal will take place at night. And, if during the day, it’s likely that the light won’t be optimal at that moment. You don’t want to be thinking about the direction of the sun. There are too many other things to think about.

If the engagement ring box contains a perfectly positioned light, then you don’t have to worry about any of this. You can be confident that the ring will have the best possible light, even when on bended knee.

To purchase an engagement ring box without light would be like taking a Ferrari for a testdrive in the mall parking lot.  You’re not allowing it to perform at its best!

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